Human Rights

COD Kosovo in all its programming and project developments use the rights-based approach, ensuring progressive linking of human rights and development programs. The progress in the field of human rights is impossible to achieve without the development of dynamics, nor will the development programs advance without respect and better implementation of human rights. The rights-based approach adds to development programs a certain vision of the society and a comprehensive framework, taking into account human rights from the perspective of their practical implementation. It is certainly not a rejection of practices from the past, or a revolution, but it opens new perspectives for the actors involved, suggesting a new way of activities assessment. This is especially related to the disability field, including development and humanitarian programs.

While using the human rights-based approaches, we are taking into account all human rights, regardless of content, with a starting point that all rights are indivisible and interdependent, so a whole framework of development programs should cover all sectors and perceive the whole person, with all its rights.

COD Kosovo implements different programs in the field of Human Rights, from education through advocacy and lobbying, and finally monitoring and capacity building of civil society sector for production and development of shadow reports for different Human Rights treaties. COD Kosovo pays special attention on the Disability Rights, Women Rights and Minority Rights.

COD Kosovo is using different methodologies for collections and presenting of examples of good practice, but in the same time examples of bad practice and Human Rights violations.

COD Kosovo team has established an ongoing cooperation with different organizations active in the field of Human Rights, monitoring and development of shadow (alternative) reports on the exercising of Human Right by persons with disabilities, where special focus is given to women and youth with disabilities. Our Disability Rights Monitor Initiative (DRMI) is focusing on gathering and disseminate information on key disability issues in Kosovo, including best practices carried out by local actors underpinning the move towards full participation and equal opportunities of people with disabilities. The Disability Rights Monitor Initiative(DRMI) is a unique monitoring initiative in Kosovo because it is based on field research consulting with people with disabilities, service providers, and members of civil society, government officials and local authorities.

Disability Rights Monitoring Initiative (DRMI) is important for raising awareness about disability-based discrimination, the negative impact it has on the lives of people with disabilities and gathering of good practice from the grassroots and national levels. Monitoring can be done in different levels and it is crucial to have methodology for monitoring. Knowing this, COD Kosovo in partnerships with Disabled People Organizations has adopted and use two methodologies for gathering info on disability, one focusing on the discrimination and violation of human rights faced by the persons with disabilities the Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) and second one is collection of information and examples of good practice in the field of disability, the Making It Work (MIW) initiative.

Disability Rights Promotion International – DRPI
DRPI is a collaborative project to establish a comprehensive, sustainable international system to monitor human rights of people with disabilities. Monitoring is an empowering activity because it:

• provides a voice to marginalized people
• enhances public awareness by documenting abuses and violations
• reinforces a collective identity among persons with disabilities
• supports efforts to achieve social justice

For more information on the Disability Rights Promotion International please visit the following link:
Making it Work
The Making It Work (MIW) initiative uses a rights-based approach aiming at generating lasting improvements in the lives of persons with disabilities, in line with the principles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. For more info and how to use the Making It Work methodology please visit the following link:

For more documents on Human Rights, including different conventions, policy papers and practical tools please visit our e-library HERE

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