Rapid global development contributed to the curing some old illnesses and to the decreasing of causes of disabilities, and in the same time has broth some new and innovative measures, skills and tools for support to the persons with disabilities. In the same time, development processes are contributing to the development of the new types of disabilities, that were not existing in the past. COD Kosovo team is constantly working on the improvement of live conditions of persons with disabilities through consultation process with beneficiaries, authorities and donor community. COD Kosovo is developing and implementing new and innovative programs that are going in line with the global development trends, pioneering new approaches and contributing to the inclusion and active participation of persons with disabilities in the development processes.

COD Kosovo team believes that Inclusion happens only when everyone feels appreciated and welcome to participate. Persons with disabilities are making around 15% of the total population based on the World Report on Disability by the World Health Organization (check it HERE ). COD Kosovo under all its programs is working on the promotion of inclusion of persons with disabilities. For person with disabilities inclusion must include independent living, access to the fully inclusive education, access to information in different forms, such as Braille and electronic documents for persons with visual impairments, sign language interpretations for deaf and hard of hearing, easy to read formats for persons with intellectual disabilities and autism, access to the environment, including public spaces and public institutions, and all social and health systems.Despite being “the world’s biggest minority”, people with disabilities are often forgotten. They regularly face discrimination and exclusion from social and health programs, education, work, and community life. And even though persons with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable, their needs are often overlooked by governments and by international organizations. Efforts to reduce poverty can only be effective if we include people with disabilities!

Disability is both a cause and a consequence of poverty: poor people are more likely to become disabled, and people with disabilities are among the poorest of the poor. This relationship can be seen as a vicious circle, with poverty leading to disability and disability worsening poverty.
The main links between poverty and disability are:

  • The absence or inaccessibility of medical care or rehabilitation – People with disabilities are confronted with extra costs related to disability such as personal assistance, healthcare or assistive devices. These additional costs increase their risk of being poorer than others.
  • Limited access to education and employment – People with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed and are generally paid less when they are employed.
  • Social exclusion – People with disabilities often do not have access to public spaces because of physical barriers, and often cannot participate in political decision-making, meaning that their voices are not heard and their needs are overlooked.
  • Dangerous and unhealthy living conditions – such as inadequate housing, water and sanitation, and unsafe transportation and work conditions.

COD Kosovo work in the field of disability

As mentioned in the other sections, COD Kosovo is working in the field of disability using the twin-track approach.

  • At the level of beneficiaries’ COD Kosovo is working in close collaboration with the frontline workers and daily communication and consultation with persons with disabilities and their families. We are implementing different capacity building programs for persons with disabilities for self-representation and active participation in the development programs.
  • At the level of services, COD Kosovo is providing sets of trainings, workshops and consultations for representatives of social services, including service providers for persons with disabilities, pre-schools, schools, universities and special schools, and health service providers as support for inclusion of persons with disabilities. Moreover, COD Kosovo is implementing in partnerships with other stakeholders innovative services for support of persons with disabilities and their families. Pease check our section Social Services HERE
  • COD Kosovo has developed good cooperation with authorities and in this way jointly with them working on the development of sustainable solutions for the support of persons with disabilities. COD Kosovo has contributed to the development of several Local Disability Action Plans – LDAPs, and in this way contributed to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the local development programs
  • COD Kosovo is regularly monitoring situation of the living condition of persons with disabilities and producing regular Shadow Monitoring Reports jointly with the Disabled People Organizations, please check our section Human Right HERE

Contributing to the development of an Inclusive Society for All

COD Kosovo works to ensure that all vulnerable enjoy their human rights and actively participate in the development processes in Kosovo. Find out more about our mission and our areas of action HERE

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